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Product Preview

  • new_releases PCB connectors

    Our PCB connectors offer a universal, maintenance-friendly conductor connection for almost all device designs from various industries and markets.
    For conductor cross sections of 0.14 to 35 mm2
    For currents up to 125 A and voltages up to 1000 V
    With screw, spring, insulation displacement, pierce or crimp connections
    Locking by means of latch mechanism systems or screw flanges

  • new_releases PCB terminal blocks

    PCB terminal blocks enable the easy, secure transmission of signals, data, and power directly to the PCB. The space-saving connection method is ideal for numerous applications in the processing and industrial environments.

    For conductor cross sections of 0.14 to 95 mm2
    For currents up to 232 A and voltages up to 1000 V
    With screw, spring or insulation displacement connection
    For pitches of 2.5 to 20 mm

  • new_releases PCB terminal blocks and PCB connectors

    Implement easy-to-maintain PCB connections for signals, data, and power. Whether you use a screw connection or push-in spring connection, as a PCB terminal block or easy-to-maintain connector, for two to 24 positions: the comprehensive COMBICON product range offers the right connection technology for transmitting signals, data or power for almost every application.


  • new_releases Ground modular terminal block

    Connection method: Screw connection, Number of positions: 1,, Color: green-yellow, Mounting type: NS 35/7,5, NS 35/15, NS 32

    Type For Cable
    USLKG 3 Cross section: 0.2 mm² – 4 mm², AWG: 24 – 12, Width: 5.2 mm
    USLKG 5 Cross section: 0.2 mm² – 6 mm², AWG: 24 – 10, Width: 6.2 mm
    USLKG 6 Cross section: 0.2 mm² – 10 mm², AWG: 24 – 8, Width: 8.2 mm
    USLKG 10 Ccross section: 0.5 – 6 mm², AWG: 20 – 8, width: 8.2 mm
    USLKG 16 Cross section: 0.5 mm² – 16 mm², AWG: 20 – 6, Width: 10.2 mm
    USLKG 35 Cross section: 0.75 mm² – 50 mm², AWG: 18 – 1/0, Width: 15.2 mm
  • new_releases Feed-through terminal block

    Connection method: Screw connection, Color: gray, Mounting type: NS 35/7,5, NS 35/15, NS 32

    Type  For Cable Size
    UK 3 N Cross section: 0.2 mm² – 4 mm², AWG: 24 – 12, Width: 5.2 mm
    UK 5 N Cross section: 0.2 mm² – 6 mm², AWG: 24 – 10, Width: 6.2 mm
    UK 10 N Cross section: 0.5 mm² – 16 mm², AWG: 20 – 6, Width: 10.2 mm
    UK 16 N  Cross section: 2.5 mm² – 25 mm², AWG: 14 – 4, Width: 12.2 mm
    UK 35 N  Cross section: 10 mm² – 35 mm², AWG: 8 – 2, Width: 16 mm


  • new_releases Knife disconnect terminal blocks with screw connection for convenient, tool-free measurement

    The new knife disconnect terminal blocks with screw connection have a disconnect lever which can be actuated without using any tools. Versions with test socket screws enable convenient measurement.

  • new_releases Test disconnect terminal blocks

    Fast implementation, safe operation
    Compact terminal blocks for easily designing current transformer and voltage transducer measuring sets to your own requirements.

  • new_releases Miniature and micro terminal blocks

    Small terminal blocks, maximum benefits
    Convenient wiring and variable mounting options in the most confined spaces, with terminal blocks in miniature format.

  • new_releases Installation terminal blocks with push-in connection

    You can use the new push-in installation terminal blocks to wire your building installation in the most narrow of spaces easily and without tools. They are suitable for rigid conductors up to 16 mm² and have all system features of the CLIPLINE complete system.


  • new_releases Component terminal blocks

    A wide variety of solutions
    Assembled or ready for assembly: with component terminal blocks you can perform any task.

  • new_releases Standard terminal blocks – customer tested, market proven

    Take advantage of our proven and globally recognized standard terminal block series.
    Universal snap-on foot for mounting rails with DIN and G rail
    Multi-conductor connection
    Flexible screw-type bridge system with high current carrying capacity
    All standard terminal blocks are ATEX-
    certified and can be used in potentially explosive areas

  • new_releases Feed-through terminal blocks

    From M3 to M8
    Connect two conductors with ease with the space-saving feed-through terminal blocks.

  • new_releases Plug-in terminal blocks

    Plug-in connection solutions
    Build switchgears in a modular and time-saving manner – for signal and power wiring.

  • new_releases Fuse terminal blocks

    Device protection
    Fuse carrier and power distribution combined in one terminal block.

  • new_releases Ground terminal blocks

    With a single click
    Simply snap onto the DIN rail to create the PE connection.

  • new_releases Hybrid terminal blocks

    The best of both worlds
    One terminal block – two connection methods. Take advantage of both technologies.

  • new_releases The best solution for building technology

    Installation terminal blocks allow you to install installation distributors quickly while saving space.





  • new_releases Multi-level terminal blocks

    Wiring convenience in a confined space
    Multi-level terminal blocks allow you to increase wiring density – even when space is limited.



  • new_releases Multi-conductor terminal blocks with push-in connection for confined spaces

    Achieve high wiring density with minimal space requirements using the new PT multi-conductor terminal blocks. Contact up to four conductors quickly and easily using push-in connection technology. Ground terminals of the same shape are available.

  • new_releases Senxor / Actuator Terminal Blocks

    Save space and time
    Wire sensors and actuators completely with PTIO terminal block.

  • new_releases Multi Level Terminal Block

    Wiring convenience in a confined space
    Multi-level terminal blocks allow you to increase wiring density – even when space is limited.


  • new_releases Contact inserts and contacts

    Fixed number of positions or modular
    The right connection technology for every application.



  • new_releases Heavy-duty connectors for compact power transmission

    The new HEAVYCON D7 housings and contact inserts enable you to transmit power in an extremely compact design. In combination with an EMC cable gland, the metal housings discharge electromagnetic interference.

  • new_releases Modular inserts for heavy-duty connectors – transmit signals, power, and compressed air

    Combine the appropriate modules for your application from our wide range of products: HEAVYCON modular includes contact inserts for signal and power transmission and for pneumatic applications. The innovative snap-in frame with sturdy catch springs enables quick mounting.



  • new_releases Compact heavy-duty connectors for railway applications

    HEAVYCON D7 housings enable signal and power transmission in a compact design. The new D7 size HPR housings are optimized for railway applications. They feature a high degree of vibration resistance and protection up to IP68.

  • new_releases Heavy-duty connectors

    Compatible insertion, flexible combination
    HEAVYCON complete provides you with the right connector for every application.
    Heavy-duty connectors from the HEAVYCON complete series protect your interfaces and ensure safe power transmission even under the harshest conditions. They are resistant to dirt, water, vibrations, and high mechanical strain and remain sealed up to IP69K protection.

  • new_releases EVO housings

    Ingenious flexibility
    HEAVYCON EVO is easy to lock by hand – with the swivel bayonet locking.
    With the HEAVYCON EVO industrial connectors, we have developed an innovative and more cost-effective solution for many areas of application. Thanks to the unique swivel cable gland with bayonet locking, you can reduce warehousing by 70%.

  • new_releases STANDARD housings

    Proven versatility
    HEAVYCON STANDARD with fast and reliable locking latch: suitable for many applications.
    The new HEAVYCON STANDARD metal housings are made of particularly corrosion-resistant and conductive aluminum and are also suitable for EMC applications. They withstand vibrations and high mechanical strain and have a reliable seal according to IP66/IP67/IP69K protection.

  • new_releases Plug assembly frames

    Secure fit on the DIN rail
    Rugged assembly frames made from die-cast aluminum – mount your contact inserts securely on the DIN rail.
    Plug assembly frames provide space-saving connections directly on the DIN rail in your control cabinet. Whether you bring wires into the control cabinet from the side or the bottom, plug assembly frames are an alternate solution to the panel mounting bases and sleeve housing of heavy-duty industrial plug-in connectors.

  • new_releases Crimping pliers – CRIMPFOX 25R – 1212039

    Crimping pliers, for ferrules without insulating collar according to DIN 46228 Part 1 and ferrules with insulating collar according to DIN 46228 Part 4, 10 mm² … 25 mm², lateral entry, WM crimp.



  • new_releases Crimping pliers – CRIMPFOX 6H – 1212046

    Crimping pliers, for ferrules without insulating collar according to DIN 46228 Part 1 and ferrules with insulating collar according to DIN 46228 Part 4, 0.14 mm² … 6 mm², unlockable pressure lock, lateral entry .


  • new_releases Stripping tool – WIREFOX 4 – 1212156

    Stripping tool, for cables and conductors (especially for rubber and silicone insulations) from 0.1 – 4 mm², self-adjusting, stripping length of up to 18 mm, cutting capacity of up to 10 mm² stranded/1.5 mm² solid, replaceable stripping blade.

  • new_releases Stripping tool – WIREFOX 2,5 – 1212368

    Stripping tool, for conductors and cables with a conductor cross section from 0.08 to 2.5 mm, self-adjusting, stripping length adjustable up to 15 mm, cutting capacity up to 6 mm² stranded/1.5 mm² solid

  • new_releases Crimping pliers – CRIMPFOX-1,6-ER-1,50-AT – 188484

    Crimping pliers for rolled contacts CK 1.6-ER… and …-BR…, 0.5 – 1.5 mm² .

  • new_releases Crimping pliers – CRIMPFOX-1,6-ED-POF-N – 1584839

    Crimping pliers for turned fiber optics contacts CK1,6-ED…POF

  • new_releases Crimping pliers – CRIMPFOX-C120 – 1212318

    Basic pliers, for accommodating dies for a wide range of type of contacts up to 120 mm² .

  • new_releases Tool bag, equipped – CRIMPFOX CENTRUS 6S SET – 1213999

    Cutting, stripping, and crimping set, packaged in a tools case, comprising CUTFOX 18, WIREFOX 10, CRIMPFOX CENTRUS 6S, AI SORTI BOX RD, TOOL-KIT STANDARD EMPTY

  • new_releases Tool set – TOOL-KIT SOLAR – 1212071

    Tool case, equipped with: crimping pliers, pressing dies for MC3, MC4 and SOLARLOK connectors, stripping tool for commercially available solar cables, stripping tool for SUNCLIX, VDE cable cutter, VDE screwdriver: PH1, PH2, 0.6×3.5 and 0.8×4.0 slots.

  • new_releases Tool set – TOOL-KIT STANDARD – 1212422

    Toolbag case, equipped with: ferrule crimping pliers, stripping pliers, insulation stripper, cable cutter, screwdriver bladed: 0.6×3.5, 50 pcs. 5-pos. junction box connectors up to 2.5 mm², tool compartment


  • new_releases Toolbox – TOOL-CASE – 1212629

    Toolbox, lockable, with adjustable strap, equipped with: cable cutter, diagonal cutter, micro cutter, stripping and sheath stripping tools, crimping tool set, combination, needle-nose, and water pump pliers, VDE bladed and Phillips screwdrivers, control cabinet key, voltage tester, ferrule box, blades, tape measure, continuity tester, marking tool, ring, open-end, and adjustable wrench set, T-handle hexagonal wrench, safety glasses, hammer, 41-piece ratchet socket wrench set, 1/4″

  • new_releases Electrical crimping tool – CF 500-230V – 1208348

    Universal electric crimper to take dies for a wide variety of contact elements

  • new_releases Cable binder pliers

    Bundle and fasten conductors and cables: thanks to the UNIFOX cable binder pliers from Phoenix Contact, you can process plastic and metal cable binders quickly and conveniently.
    In addition:

    1. The tension force is infinitely adjustable and is indicated by a scale in the handle area. When the desired tension force is reached, the remainder is automatically severed for a flush finish.2.
    2. In addition to the tools, plastic and metal cable binders are also available.
  • new_releases One for all

    One set of crimping pliers for various different contact inserts? Yes, it is possible. Simply swap dies according to the application and process contacts up to 50 mm2 with the same set of crimping pliers.
    The integrated pressure lock ensures a consistent, long-term stable press capacity and therefore gas-tight crimping.


  • new_releases CRIMPFOX 4IN1

    CRIMPFOX 4IN1 are multi-functional crimping pliers for processing conductors and ferrules. With just one tool you can complete various tasks: cutting, stripping, twisting, and crimping. The newly integrated 4-level pressure lock also enables industrial use.

  • new_releases Crimping tool for electrical installation

    CRIMPFOX Centrus are self-adjusting crimping pliers which, thanks to their ergonomic and improved mechanical design, make for light work when crimping ferrules. Available in four versions, the crimping pliers process a wide range of ferrules quickly and reliably.

  • new_releases Riveting tools

    Quick. Easy. Secure.
    Riveting tools can be used to attach various materials safely and securely.

  • new_releases Cutting and universal tools for electrical installation

    The cutting and universal pliers are approved for voltages up to 1000 V AC and 1500 V DC. You can use CUTFOX cable cutters to achieve continuously optimal cutting results. The UNIFOX combination tools offer you combined functions for a wide variety of applications.  TOOL fox: Quality results can only be achieved by using professional tools. Browse our comprehensive range of high-quality hand tools, measuring equipment and automatic devices. Whether you are cutting, stripping, crimping, screwing or measuring, we have the right tool.

    Convenient use on site
    Avoid unnecessary searching by storing your tools in a clear way.  Useful storage for the tools you need: with Phoenix Contact tool sets, you’ll always have the right tool to hand whatever the job.

  • new_releases Conductor marker carrier – PATG 3/12

    Conductor marker carrier, transparent, unlabeled, Mounting type: slide on, Cable diameter: 4-7 mm, Lettering field: 4 x 12 mm.

  • new_releases Conductor marker carrier – PATG HF 2/10

    Wire marker carrier, transparent/black, unmarked, mounting type: slid on, cable diameter: 2 – 4 mm, lettering field size: 4 x 10 mm


  • new_releases Installation material for the control cabinet

    Safe and clear
    Easy installation – safely assemble components in your control cabinet and arrange the cable routing clearly.

  • new_releases Plastic cable markers – KMK

    Plastic cable marker, for cables from 10 to 25 mm diameter, labeling with insert strips ESL…, EST… or large format ES/LP-BW-GB, lettering field size: 29 x 8 mm


  • new_releases Cable marker – KMM-K 29X8-50

    Cable marker, Sheet, white, unlabeled, can be labeled with: Plotter, Mounting type: Assembly with cable binders, Cable diameter: ?8 mm, Lettering field: 29 x 8 mm

  • new_releases Cable marker – KMT 24X10 WH 200

    Cable marker, Roll, white, unlabeled, can be labeled with: THERMOMARK ROLL, THERMOMARK X, THERMOMARK S1.1, Mounting type: Assembly with cable binders, Cable diameter: >10 mm, Lettering field: 24 mm x 8 mm

  • new_releases Cable marker – PABA WH/23

    Cable marker, can be ordered: Strip, white, labeled according to customer specifications, Mounting type: Thread on, Cable diameter: 1.5-35 mm, Lettering field:

  • new_releases Cable marker – UC-WMT (23X4) SR

    Cable marker, Sheet, silver, labeled according to customer specifications, Mounting type: Insert, Cable diameter: 1.5-35 mm, Lettering field: 23 x 4 mm  .
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  • new_releases Mobile THERMOMARK PRIME thermal transfer printer

    The THERMOMARK PRIME is the unique combination of proven, reliable printing technology, a complete, integrated marking software, and a durable, independent energy supply. The THERMOMARK PRIME is your transportable, mobile marking center. Touchscreen, capsule ink ribbons and a replaceable battery simplify printer operation right on site.
    1. Easy data entry, thanks to integrated marking software
    2. Up to seven hours operation, thanks to a powerful battery pack
    3. Changing the material and ink ribbon is easy, in under ten seconds
    4. Wide range of material, with more than 600 marker types to mark the widest range of applications
    5. Automatic ink ribbon, magazine, and material detection prevents printing errors

  • new_releases Thermal transfer printers

    Fast, compact and inexpensive
    Easy printing: the thermal transfer printer can be installed in no time at all and is easy to operate.  Use the thermal transfer printers to print marking material for terminals, lines, cables and devices quickly and easily. They are available individually or as a set of two printers with a laptop. The set and the large selection of material provides a complete, perfectly coordinated marking system.

  • new_releases Equipment marking

    Precise marking
    For every requirement: you can always find the right solution among our wide range of materials and mounting types.  From use in the control cabinet to systems in production halls, in the field or outdoors: we offer a wide range of suitable high-quality markings for marking devices and systems.

  • new_releases Plant marking

    Provide information and guidance
    Mark hazards or system parts – the right marking for all requirements.  Clear marking on systems helps to avoid operating errors: they are essential for occupational safety. Information and safety signs provide important information for maintenance. Labels from Phoenix Contact meet the legal requirements for correct system marking.

  • new_releases Terminal marking

    Clear and precise
    Whatever terminal width you require – we have the ideal marking option for you.  Terminal markings differ primarily with regard to the mounting type: terminal markings are available for tall and flat marker grooves, as strips, and as marker pins.

  • new_releases High-speed UV printer

    Just as easy as printing on paper! Print plastic labels using innovative UV LED technology that is able to withstand harsh environments.  Choose innovative technology in a space-saving device. BLUEMARK from Phoenix Contact provides quick and easy labeling for plastic labels in uniform card format. Thanks to its speed and large-capacity magazine, the printer is essential for printing large quantities of terminal block markers, wire markers and device and cabinet labels.

  • new_releases Handheld printer – marking material for devices and systems

    New labels and markers in various materials are available for equipment and plant marking with the THERMOFOX handheld printer. Materials in numerous different colors are available for plant marking and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

  • new_releases Surge protection device – C-UFB- 5DC/E – 2782300

    Attachment plug with surge voltage coarse and fine protection, for coaxial signal interfaces with floating shield, signal voltage 5 V. Connection: BNC socket/plug

  • new_releases Surge protection device – D-FM-A/RJ45-BB – 2818795


    Attachment connector with surge protection for analog telecommunication interfaces. Connection: RJ45 sockets

  • new_releases Surge protection device – PT 2-TELE – 2882828

    Surge  Protection for ADSL 2+
    Surge protective device, consisting of plug and base element, for protecting a double wire from analog and digital telecommunications interfaces (VDSL up to 50 Mbps)

  • new_releases Type 3 surge protection device – PT 2+1-S-48DC/FM – 2817958

    version PT 2-PE/S-230 AC
    Rail-mountable surge arrester as device protection for terminal equipment, fault signal in the plug and signaling contact in the base element, 2-section, pluggable. Design: 48 V DC

  • new_releases Type 3 surge protection device – MNT-1 D – 2882200

    Attachment plug with surge protection for mains sockets, optical power and fault display. For country-specific use in: D, A, I, NL, S, E, N, FIN



  • new_releases Lightning/surge arrester type 1/2 – VAL-MS-T1/T2 1000DC-PV/2+V-FM – 2801161

    Photo Voltaic Surge Arester

    Lightning/surge arrester for 2-pos. isolated 1000 V DC voltage systems, for DIN rail mounting, 3-pos. base element with remote indication contact, three plug-in temperature-monitored protective elements, status message on each plug.

  • new_releases Surge protection for measurement and control technolog

    Comprehensive protection
    Devices used in measurement and control technology require special protection. Look out for powerful devices with a low protection level.
    When a number of signal cables are installed in parallel, voltage peaks can have a disastrous effect. Our surge protective devices for measurement and control technology consist of powerful components with a low protection level which respond quickly. This means that your signals and measured values remain available and undistorted.


  • new_releases Test device for arresters

    Portable test lab
    Perform screening tests: through the comprehensive testing of your plug-in surge protective devices. Determine the state of your plug-in arresters at an early stage. The CHECKMASTER checks surge protective devices from Phoenix Contact and tests all the relevant components.

  • new_releases Coaxial surge protection

    Wireless protection – Protect and connect
    Coaxial surge protection ensures maximum reliability of your wireless radios without interfering with data transmission.
    Antennas are susceptible to direct lightning strikes and induced surges from nearby strikes. Transceivers in remote locations experience disruption and disturbance in wireless communication. Coaxial surge protection with low attenuation ensures reliable communication.


  • new_releases PLUGTRAB PT-IQ for data interfaces

    PLUGTRAB PT-IQ intelligent surge protection now also reliably protects your data cables against surge voltages. The protective circuit is specifically tailored to HF applications. All voltage-limiting components in the protective circuit are permanently monitored.
    Your advantage: pre-existing damage caused by frequent surge voltages is detected and indicated. Thanks to the multi-stage status display, you can determine the status of the arresters at any time:

    • Red = replacement required
    • Yellow = replacement recommended
    • Green = arrester function OK
      Using the controller, group remote signaling can be implemented for all connected protective devices. You can choose between conventional screw connection and convenient push-in connection technology.
  • new_releases Surge protection device – DT-LAN-CAT.6+ – 2881007

    High-speed protection

    Protect yourself: fast signals require one thing above all else – protection that responds very

    Here’s something to bear in mind. Signal interfaces are particularly sensitive to surge voltages. You should therefore use our surge protection with components that are powerful and respond quickly. The right selection ensures low attenuation and, at the same time, high bandwidth.

  • new_releases Surge protection device – D-LAN-19″-24 – 2838791

    19″ rack with 24 surge protected ports for data interfaces in Ethernet (1000Base-T), Token Ring and FDDI/CDDI networks in acc. with Class D/EN 50173 (CAT5e), connection on the protective device: RJ45 sockets

  • new_releases Lightning/surge arrster combination type 1+2 – FLT-SEC-T1+T2-3C-350/25-FM – 2905469

    Plug-in lightning and surge arrester combination, in accordance with Type 1+2/Class I+II, for 3-phase power supply networks, with combined PE and N installed in one conductor (L1, L2, L3, PEN).

  • new_releases Surge Protection for Power Supply

    Protection for every requirement and all applications – from the supply through to the termination device.
    Interference voltages, such as those that
    occur as a result of switching operations or lightning strikes, are all relatively high in energy. It is essential that you protect your systems with powerful lightning and surge protective devices.

  • new_releases Type 2 surge arrester – VAL-MS …

    Surge arresters consisting of base element and protective connector with high-capacity varistor, 20 kA up to 40 kA discharge curent (8/20). For nominal Voltage  60 VAC, 110-120 VAC,  230 VAC, 500 VAC, 600 VAC.

  • new_releases Type 3 surge protection device – MNT-TV-SAT D – 2882284


    Socket attachment plug with surge protection for the power supply unit and signal connection for radio and television equipment (cable, terrestrial antenna, satellite system). Cable is provided.

  • new_releases EMC filter – NEF 1-10 – 2788977

    Mains interference filter, with universal foot for mounting on NS 32 and NS 35/7.5, nominal current: 10 ALightning/surge arrester type 1/2 – VAL-MS-T1/T2 335/12.5/3+1-FM – 2800183

    Universal varistor-based plug-in lightning/surge arrester for 3-phase power supply networks with separate N and PE (5-conductor system: L1, L2, L3, N, PE), for Lightning Protection Levels III and IV, with remote indication contact.

  • new_releases Screw termination block – CT-TERMIBLOCK 10 DA – 0441711

    Screw termination block with disconnect contacts for accommodating protective plugs CT and CTM. Use in MCR and telecommunications systems. Design: 10 double wires.

  • new_releases Surge protection plug – CTM 1X2-110AC – 2838539

    LSA-PLUS plug (COMTRAB CTM) for floating signal circuits, for protecting a double wire from analog and digital telecommunications interfaces (up to 42 Mbps). Nominal .

  • new_releases Type 2 surge arrester – VAL-MS 230/3+1 FM – 2838199

    Surge voltage arrester consisting of base element with remote indicator contact and ground connectors, for mounting on NS 35/7.5, nominal voltage: 230 V AC, 3 + 1.

  • new_releases Type 1/2 surge protection device – POWERSET BC/3+1-100/FM – 2858467

    Lightning and surge arrester combination, in accordance with Type 1+2/Class B+C, for 3-phase power supply networks, with separate N and PE (L1, L2, L3, PE, N). Consisting of 3x FLT 35 CTRL- 0,9 and 3x VAL-MS 230/FM and 1x FLT 100N/PE-1.5, incl. bridges and marking.

  • new_releases Pre-assembled 19″ splice boxes for control cabinets and computer centers

    The 19″ splice boxes, which are fully pre-assembled ready to splice, have a front tray that can be pulled out and up to 24 LC duplex connections per rack unit, thus providing high connection density. High-quality individual components and individual test reports for each pigtail meet the highest quality requirements.

  • new_releases Cabling for the food industry

    A clean concept
    Reliable cabling in environments with demanding hygiene requirements. Hygiene safety is top priority in the food industry. Your cabling must withstand aggressive cleaning agents and processes. Cabling from Phoenix Contact is ideal for these situations because it is resistant to corrosion and features a special design.

  • new_releases Photovoltaic connectors with crimp connection for solar panels and cable assembly

    Cable photovoltaic systems easily and reliably with SUNCLIX DC connectors. The version with crimp connection is ideal for mechanical assembly. Thanks to their market-driven design, the connectors are ready for the current and future requirements of all relevant markets.

  • new_releases Cabling for robots and drag chains

    Permanently flexible
    Our cabling withstands continuous mechanical strain and welding sparks.
    The high level of durability of more than 10 million bending and torsion cycles enables the reliable cabling of your system. Using components from Phoenix Contact, you can even implement your cabling in areas that are

  • new_releases Assembled cables

    Implement flexible, consistent data transmission solutions based on our comprehensive range of standardized FO connectors.
    Compact LC duplex connectors
    SC-RJ with push-pull technology for POF, PCF, and GOF
    Established FSMA and ST connectors

  • new_releases FO cables

    Interference-free and floating
    Whatever the fiber type – you can choose the right cabling solution from our extensive portfolio.

  • new_releases Field-wired connectors

    Fast connection
    Reduce assembly time by 60-percent with QUICKON (IDC) connection technology

    Despite the extensive range of industrial connectors, we are not always able to provide solutions for certain customer requirements from the standard product range.
    Nevertheless, we are happy to develop tailored solutions for you quickly and flexibly – whether for machine, system or device production.
    The Service Center for industrial connectors at Phoenix Contact will transform your requirements into a custom product within just a few days.


  • new_releases Power distribution boxes

    M12 distribution boxes eliminate voltage drop in the field
    Middletown, Pa. – Phoenix Contact introduces M12 power distribution boxes designed for field-based power supply voltages of 24 V. These distribution boxes, in combination with standard M12 power cables of 4×10 AWG conductors, can eliminate voltage drop that occurs across long cable runs.
    The distributor has four T-coded M12 receptacles with a current load of up to 10 A per channel. Each of the eight channels is equipped with a plug-in fuse. Devices are connected directly via T-coded M12 power cables. Power to the distributor box is supplied via a HEAVYCON Compact plug- connector.

  • new_releases Cabling for the rail industry

    Connectors for rail vehicles
    Our products are ideal for the high requirements of the railway industry due to special material selection.
    Whether in a railway station, for control tasks, or inside rail vehicles – our cabling components for the rail industry support flexible use.

  • new_releases Redundancy module, with protective coating – QUINT-ORING/24DC/2X20/1X40 – 2320186

    Active QUINT redundancy module for DIN rail mounting with ACB (auto current balancing) technology and monitoring functions, input: 24 V DC, output: 24 V DC/2 x 20 A or 1 x 40 A, including mounted UTA 107/30 universal DIN rail adapter.


  • new_releases Redundancy module, with protective coating – QUINT-ORING/24DC/2X10/1X20 – 2320173

    Active QUINT redundancy module for DIN rail mounting with ACB (auto current balancing) technology and monitoring functions, input: 24 V DC, output: 24 V DC/2 x 10 A or 1 x 20 A, including mounted UTA 107/30 universal DIN rail adapter


  • new_releases Redundancy module – QUINT-DIODE/40 – 2938963

    Redundancy module QUINT-DIODE/40.

  • new_releases Power supply unit – TRIO-PS/1AC/24DC/10 – 2866323

    Primary-switched TRIO POWER power supply for DIN rail mounting, input: 1-phase, output: 24 V DC/10 A. Product Description

    TRIO POWER power supplies with standard functionality
    TRIO POWER is particularly suited to standard machine production, thanks to 1- and 3-phase versions up to 960 W. The wide-range input and the international approval package enable worldwide use.
    The robust metal housing, the high electric strength, and the wide temperature range ensure a high level of power supply reliability.

  • new_releases Power supply unit – QUINT-PS/1AC/24DC/40 – 2866789

    Primary-switched QUINT POWER power supply for DIN rail mounting with SFB (Selective Fuse Breaking) Technology, input: 1-phase, output: 24 V DC/40 A.

  • new_releases Power supply unit – QUINT-PS/1AC/24DC/20 – 2866776


    Primary-switched QUINT POWER power supply for DIN rail mounting with SFB (Selective Fuse Breaking) Technology, input: 1-phase, output: 24 V DC/20 A.

  • new_releases Power supply unit – QUINT-PS/1AC/24DC/10 – 2866763

    Primary-switched QUINT POWER supply for DIN rail mounting with SFB (selective fuse breaking) technology, input: 1-phase, output: 24 V DC/10 A


  • new_releases Power supply unit – QUINT-PS/1AC/24DC/ 3.5 – 2866747

    Primary-switched QUINT POWER power supply for DIN rail mounting with SFB (Selective Fuse Breaking) Technology, input: 1-phase, output: 24 V DC/3.5 A.