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Flush type connectors and panel feed-throughs have been developed from the various requirements of sensor/actuator device connection technology in the industrial sector.


PLUSCON circular connector series is designed for a wide range of applications, including power, signal, outdoor and harsh environments. The variety of connector sizes are available including; M5, M8, and M12, for low to medium current and voltage applications; M17 and M23 for medium current and high voltage applications; up to the M40 and M58 for your high current and voltage applications.


The PLUSCON circular connector family of products offered by Phoenix Contact provides solutions for a variety of design requirements:

  • SPEEDCON LOCKING for fast and reliable connections
  • Front- and Rear-Panel Feed through
  • Space saving designs
  • PCB mountable, straight and angled
  • Wave solder-able and Reflow process version
  • Solder, Screw, Spring, QUICKCON and Piercecon
  • Pre-assembled, halogen-free TPE litz wire versions up to IP68 protection degree
  • Shielded version to meet EMC requirements
  • Custom inserts, keyed and color-version available


The connector housings are high quality zinc diecast and contacts are gold plated for reliable signal integrity. The housing styles are available for cable connections; coupling, panel feed through and PCB mount applications, which gives customer’s many design options. Molded cables and pre-wired assemblies are also available in standard lengths or can be made-to-order to suit a specific application. Product modifications can also be requested from the factory.

Product Preview

  • new_releases Pre-assembled 19″ splice boxes for control cabinets and computer centers

    The 19″ splice boxes, which are fully pre-assembled ready to splice, have a front tray that can be pulled out and up to 24 LC duplex connections per rack unit, thus providing high connection density. High-quality individual components and individual test reports for each pigtail meet the highest quality requirements.

  • new_releases Cabling for the food industry

    A clean concept
    Reliable cabling in environments with demanding hygiene requirements. Hygiene safety is top priority in the food industry. Your cabling must withstand aggressive cleaning agents and processes. Cabling from Phoenix Contact is ideal for these situations because it is resistant to corrosion and features a special design.

  • new_releases Photovoltaic connectors with crimp connection for solar panels and cable assembly

    Cable photovoltaic systems easily and reliably with SUNCLIX DC connectors. The version with crimp connection is ideal for mechanical assembly. Thanks to their market-driven design, the connectors are ready for the current and future requirements of all relevant markets.

  • new_releases Cabling for robots and drag chains

    Permanently flexible
    Our cabling withstands continuous mechanical strain and welding sparks.
    The high level of durability of more than 10 million bending and torsion cycles enables the reliable cabling of your system. Using components from Phoenix Contact, you can even implement your cabling in areas that are

  • new_releases Assembled cables

    Implement flexible, consistent data transmission solutions based on our comprehensive range of standardized FO connectors.
    Compact LC duplex connectors
    SC-RJ with push-pull technology for POF, PCF, and GOF
    Established FSMA and ST connectors

  • new_releases FO cables

    Interference-free and floating
    Whatever the fiber type – you can choose the right cabling solution from our extensive portfolio.

  • new_releases Field-wired connectors

    Fast connection
    Reduce assembly time by 60-percent with QUICKON (IDC) connection technology

    Despite the extensive range of industrial connectors, we are not always able to provide solutions for certain customer requirements from the standard product range.
    Nevertheless, we are happy to develop tailored solutions for you quickly and flexibly – whether for machine, system or device production.
    The Service Center for industrial connectors at Phoenix Contact will transform your requirements into a custom product within just a few days.


  • new_releases Power distribution boxes

    M12 distribution boxes eliminate voltage drop in the field
    Middletown, Pa. – Phoenix Contact introduces M12 power distribution boxes designed for field-based power supply voltages of 24 V. These distribution boxes, in combination with standard M12 power cables of 4×10 AWG conductors, can eliminate voltage drop that occurs across long cable runs.
    The distributor has four T-coded M12 receptacles with a current load of up to 10 A per channel. Each of the eight channels is equipped with a plug-in fuse. Devices are connected directly via T-coded M12 power cables. Power to the distributor box is supplied via a HEAVYCON Compact plug- connector.

  • new_releases Cabling for the rail industry

    Connectors for rail vehicles
    Our products are ideal for the high requirements of the railway industry due to special material selection.
    Whether in a railway station, for control tasks, or inside rail vehicles – our cabling components for the rail industry support flexible use.