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Signal duplicator – MINI MCR-SL-UI-2I-NC – 2864176

4-way signal duplicator for electrical isolation and duplication of analog signals with screw connection, standard configuration. Product Description

The 6.2 mm wide configurable 4-way isolating amplifier MINI MCR-SL-UI-2I-… is used for electrical isolation, conversion, amplification and filtering of standard signals.
On the input side, the analog standard signals 0…20 mA, 4…20 mA, 0…10 V or 1…5V can be selected, on the output side there are two current outputs that can be set independently of one another with a 0…20 mA-, or 4…20mA signal, electrically isolated (4-way isolation).
The DIP switches, which can be accessed on the side of the housing, can be used to configure the input and output signal ranges.
Power (19.2 V DC to 30 V DC) can be supplied through connection terminal blocks on the modules or in conjunction with the DIN rail connector.

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