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Effective protection

Do you want system operation to be unaffected by interference? Then surge protection is an essential requirement.

High-frequency, low-energy interference can be smoothed and eliminated using interference filters. Meanwhile lightning and surge protective devices provide protection against transient and high-energy voltage peaks.

The protective circuit principle

The protective circuit provides seamless protection against surge voltages. 

The protective circuit against surge voltages

An “effective protective circuit” helps to implement seamless surge protection.

And this is how it works:

Draw an imaginary circle around the object you want to protect.

Surge protective devices must be installed at all points where cables intersect this circle.

The area within the protective circuit is therefore protected in such a way that conducted surge voltages are prevented.

Consider the following areas during planning:

  • Power supply
  • Measurement and control technology
  • Data processing, telecommunications
  • Transceiver devices

Product Preview

  • new_releases Surge protection device – C-UFB- 5DC/E – 2782300

    Attachment plug with surge voltage coarse and fine protection, for coaxial signal interfaces with floating shield, signal voltage 5 V. Connection: BNC socket/plug

  • new_releases Surge protection device – D-FM-A/RJ45-BB – 2818795


    Attachment connector with surge protection for analog telecommunication interfaces. Connection: RJ45 sockets

  • new_releases Surge protection device – PT 2-TELE – 2882828

    Surge  Protection for ADSL 2+
    Surge protective device, consisting of plug and base element, for protecting a double wire from analog and digital telecommunications interfaces (VDSL up to 50 Mbps)

  • new_releases Type 3 surge protection device – PT 2+1-S-48DC/FM – 2817958

    version PT 2-PE/S-230 AC
    Rail-mountable surge arrester as device protection for terminal equipment, fault signal in the plug and signaling contact in the base element, 2-section, pluggable. Design: 48 V DC

  • new_releases Type 3 surge protection device – MNT-1 D – 2882200

    Attachment plug with surge protection for mains sockets, optical power and fault display. For country-specific use in: D, A, I, NL, S, E, N, FIN



  • new_releases Lightning/surge arrester type 1/2 – VAL-MS-T1/T2 1000DC-PV/2+V-FM – 2801161

    Photo Voltaic Surge Arester

    Lightning/surge arrester for 2-pos. isolated 1000 V DC voltage systems, for DIN rail mounting, 3-pos. base element with remote indication contact, three plug-in temperature-monitored protective elements, status message on each plug.

  • new_releases Surge protection for measurement and control technolog

    Comprehensive protection
    Devices used in measurement and control technology require special protection. Look out for powerful devices with a low protection level.
    When a number of signal cables are installed in parallel, voltage peaks can have a disastrous effect. Our surge protective devices for measurement and control technology consist of powerful components with a low protection level which respond quickly. This means that your signals and measured values remain available and undistorted.


  • new_releases Test device for arresters

    Portable test lab
    Perform screening tests: through the comprehensive testing of your plug-in surge protective devices. Determine the state of your plug-in arresters at an early stage. The CHECKMASTER checks surge protective devices from Phoenix Contact and tests all the relevant components.

  • new_releases Coaxial surge protection

    Wireless protection – Protect and connect
    Coaxial surge protection ensures maximum reliability of your wireless radios without interfering with data transmission.
    Antennas are susceptible to direct lightning strikes and induced surges from nearby strikes. Transceivers in remote locations experience disruption and disturbance in wireless communication. Coaxial surge protection with low attenuation ensures reliable communication.


  • new_releases PLUGTRAB PT-IQ for data interfaces

    PLUGTRAB PT-IQ intelligent surge protection now also reliably protects your data cables against surge voltages. The protective circuit is specifically tailored to HF applications. All voltage-limiting components in the protective circuit are permanently monitored.
    Your advantage: pre-existing damage caused by frequent surge voltages is detected and indicated. Thanks to the multi-stage status display, you can determine the status of the arresters at any time:

    • Red = replacement required
    • Yellow = replacement recommended
    • Green = arrester function OK
      Using the controller, group remote signaling can be implemented for all connected protective devices. You can choose between conventional screw connection and convenient push-in connection technology.
  • new_releases Surge protection device – DT-LAN-CAT.6+ – 2881007

    High-speed protection

    Protect yourself: fast signals require one thing above all else – protection that responds very

    Here’s something to bear in mind. Signal interfaces are particularly sensitive to surge voltages. You should therefore use our surge protection with components that are powerful and respond quickly. The right selection ensures low attenuation and, at the same time, high bandwidth.

  • new_releases Surge protection device – D-LAN-19″-24 – 2838791

    19″ rack with 24 surge protected ports for data interfaces in Ethernet (1000Base-T), Token Ring and FDDI/CDDI networks in acc. with Class D/EN 50173 (CAT5e), connection on the protective device: RJ45 sockets

  • new_releases Lightning/surge arrster combination type 1+2 – FLT-SEC-T1+T2-3C-350/25-FM – 2905469

    Plug-in lightning and surge arrester combination, in accordance with Type 1+2/Class I+II, for 3-phase power supply networks, with combined PE and N installed in one conductor (L1, L2, L3, PEN).

  • new_releases Surge Protection for Power Supply

    Protection for every requirement and all applications – from the supply through to the termination device.
    Interference voltages, such as those that
    occur as a result of switching operations or lightning strikes, are all relatively high in energy. It is essential that you protect your systems with powerful lightning and surge protective devices.

  • new_releases Type 2 surge arrester – VAL-MS …

    Surge arresters consisting of base element and protective connector with high-capacity varistor, 20 kA up to 40 kA discharge curent (8/20). For nominal Voltage  60 VAC, 110-120 VAC,  230 VAC, 500 VAC, 600 VAC.

  • new_releases Type 3 surge protection device – MNT-TV-SAT D – 2882284


    Socket attachment plug with surge protection for the power supply unit and signal connection for radio and television equipment (cable, terrestrial antenna, satellite system). Cable is provided.

  • new_releases EMC filter – NEF 1-10 – 2788977

    Mains interference filter, with universal foot for mounting on NS 32 and NS 35/7.5, nominal current: 10 ALightning/surge arrester type 1/2 – VAL-MS-T1/T2 335/12.5/3+1-FM – 2800183

    Universal varistor-based plug-in lightning/surge arrester for 3-phase power supply networks with separate N and PE (5-conductor system: L1, L2, L3, N, PE), for Lightning Protection Levels III and IV, with remote indication contact.

  • new_releases Screw termination block – CT-TERMIBLOCK 10 DA – 0441711

    Screw termination block with disconnect contacts for accommodating protective plugs CT and CTM. Use in MCR and telecommunications systems. Design: 10 double wires.

  • new_releases Surge protection plug – CTM 1X2-110AC – 2838539

    LSA-PLUS plug (COMTRAB CTM) for floating signal circuits, for protecting a double wire from analog and digital telecommunications interfaces (up to 42 Mbps). Nominal .

  • new_releases Type 2 surge arrester – VAL-MS 230/3+1 FM – 2838199

    Surge voltage arrester consisting of base element with remote indicator contact and ground connectors, for mounting on NS 35/7.5, nominal voltage: 230 V AC, 3 + 1.

  • new_releases Type 1/2 surge protection device – POWERSET BC/3+1-100/FM – 2858467

    Lightning and surge arrester combination, in accordance with Type 1+2/Class B+C, for 3-phase power supply networks, with separate N and PE (L1, L2, L3, PE, N). Consisting of 3x FLT 35 CTRL- 0,9 and 3x VAL-MS 230/FM and 1x FLT 100N/PE-1.5, incl. bridges and marking.